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Dimensions of EXCELLENCE™  Custom Training

Dimensions of EXCELLENCE is our framework for providing our clients customized training programs for roughly the same investment as competitor's "off the shelf" programs.  This framework has dozens of modules that can be assembled to create a fully customized program or curriculum.

The design enables each training program is customized to the unique needs, priorities and business strategies of the client.  The strategies, priorities, business processes, management expectations and goals can be easily integrated into each program, making it truly unique to the organization. 

By doing this, we ensure the training program produces sustainable results for our clients.  These training programs become integrated into the fabric of our clients' businesses accelerating the ability of the professionals in the organization to achieve the business goals.

Where other training programs are great "events,"  we seek to make sure our custom programs have an enduring impact.

Our Dimensions of EXCELLENCE curriculums provide the base framework for custom training in the following areas:

  • Sales Excellence Curriculum:  Focused on sales professionals, channel partners, and resellers.

  • Marketing Excellence Curriculum:  Focused on marketing professionals, product managers, product marketing, and related functions.

  • Customer Service Excellence Curriculum:  Focused on customer service and support professionals.

  • Leadership Excellence Curriculum:  Focused on the top management team in developing and executing their business strategies, developing and leading their people, developing and leading the organization.

  • Product Launch Excellence:  These programs focus on specific new product or service introductions.  They provide knowledge and skills oriented around specific new products, strategies, markets, plans, programs and related areas.  They can be targeted to the sales and partner organizations, to the customers themselves, to consumers or others.  The goal is to help shorten Time-To-Revenue.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Programs provide leaders and executives a unique approach to skills and personal development.  These programs can complement and extend the custom training programs.

Our Public Workshops provide adaptations of many of our custom programs.  They provide skills and development to individuals seeking improvement, individuals or organizations focusing on a specific topics, or smaller organizations or departments that cannot justify customized programs.



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