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These are articles we have written or that have been written about our work. Most are presented in html versions or PDF versions which can be downloaded for easier reading. Adobe Acrobat reader is required for the PDF versions. This can be downloaded at no charge from Adobe's web site.

High Performance Sales, 10 Things Customers Must Worry About:  Dave Brock's annotated keynote presentation from Microsoft's Dynamic Business Week conference on June 15, 2010.

Sales Manager's Guide To Coaching Opportunities:  How does a manager leverage the sales process to coach their people, while assuring each strategy is a winning sales strategy.  This guide offers pragmatic advice for managers.

Sales Process Self Assessment:  A strong selling process, effectively executed is the cornerstone to driving sales productivity.  Get Partners In EXCELLENCE Sales Process Self Assessment tool to look at your selling process. To request this, please click on this link: Sales Process Self Assessment.

Survey on the Importance of Partnering and Alliances in Customer and Supply Chain Relationships:  This provides an executive summary of a market survey conducted in May/June of 2009.  Alliances are critical to growth in the current economy.

Sales Leaders Organizational Self Assessment:  This article provides pragmatic guidance to sales managers to make sure they and their teams are performing to the highest levels.  Readers can also get an expanded version of this sent to them as a self audit tool.  To request this, please click on this link:  Sales Management Checklist.

Selling Through The Slump, An Industry Playbook:  This is an amazing free eBook, written by 11 industry experts, including Dave Brock, offering pragmatic sales advice for selling in the downturn. 

Partnering For Profitability E-Book:  This is a collection of articles and resources on developing, implementing, and managing strategic partnerships, alliances, channels, and joint ventures.  Click on this link to request the E-Book.

Value Proposition E-Book:  This is a collection of articles and resources on developing and communicating differentiated value propositions.  Click on this link to request the E-Book.

Things Are Changing:  Partners In EXCELLENCE Update  An update on new hires and partnerships we have formed as well as a quick update on the importance of Social Media and Networking.

Guidelines For Giving And Receiving Effective Feedback:  This is a classic article by Dr. George Lehner which provides guidelines for improving the effectiveness of giving and receiving feedback.  It is a must read for any manager or leader.

Technology Companies Must Follow The Fashion Leaders:  Technology companies can learn a lot by looking at the business models and processes of fashion industries.  This paper examines these issues.

Balanced Business Performance:  This white paper addresses many disciplines required for outstanding business performance.  We believe organizations cannot focus on a single element, like execution or strategy to sustain the highest levels of performance, but must balance their approach across several key areas.

Partner Profitability, Are Your Partners Performing To Their Potential?  Quantity is not quality in developing and managing channel and partner performance.  This article examines critical issues to managing profitability in your partnering relationships.  It addresses challenges and solutions for each player in the partnering relationships.

Please Make Your Phone System Even Less Responsive, I Might Be A Customer!!  Often the first contact customers have with a company is through the phone.  However, navigating many company phone systems is frustrating and complex.  Some customers are taking their business elsewhere.

Stupid Marketing Tricks and Other Topics:  Spammers and other so-called marketers are causing many organizations to lower their standards and professionalism in their marketing programs.  "Dumbing down" marketing programs and materials does not create the desired results.  This article discusses the challenges and solutions.

Powerful Partnering -- WIIFM:  Too often we approach partnerships focusing only on what we get out of it.  As a result, many partnerships fail.  This article discusses approaches to building powerful partnerships.

Turning the Crank On Channel Performance, 1 to 1 Partner Management  Companies have developed very sophisticated partner and channel management programs.  This article discusses moving the bar higher in managing channel partner performance.

Issues Impacting Personal Sales Effectiveness: This is a summary of a research study conducted by Partners In EXCELLENCE.  Several hundred sales people were interviewed and the results published in this report.  An executive summary of the findings and recommendations is available.

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Selling!  The strength of true sales professionals comes through in tough economic times.  This article examines the characteristics of these professionals.

Taking Your Hiring and Recruiting To The Next Level, Leveraging Behavioral Assessments!  Understanding what drives the behavior of each person in the organization is critical to achieving performance excellence.  This white paper discusses the role of behavioral assessments in helping to improve recruiting and hiring.

Do You Know What Your Sales People Are Doing?  Are They Doing What You Want Them To Do?  Assessing the performance of your sales people and coaching them for continuous improvement is critical to building high performance sales teams.

Is There Real Value In Your Value Proposition?  Getting beyond the hype in developing and delivering real value to your customers.

The Ultimate Buying Experience!  Unfortunately the company promising the Ultimate Driving Experience does not provide a great buying experience.  A tale of customer satisfaction run amuck.

Your Sales Organization Is Your Key Differentiator.  In today's competitive world, the service provided by your sales professionals can be one of the most important and sustainable differentiators with your customers.

Things I've Learned About Sales Along The Way.  This is a copy of a presentation given by Dave Brock to the CEO's of portfolio companies for one of Europe's leading venture capital firms. 

Surviving Tough Times, Things We've Learned.  The bad economy and markets challenge everything we have done in the past.  Surviving these times requires tough action.

Sales Management 101, Conducting Powerful Sales Review Meetings  Stop wasting your time on meaningless reviews.  Conduct reviews that help you and your sales people be more productive and win more!

Customer Satisfaction—80% Of It Is Just Showing Up!  Customer Satisfaction and Service are falling to all time low levels.  This article reviews a few key issues in making it easy for your customers to buy.

Is Managing The Organization A Puzzle?  Have a little fun putting the pieces together.

It's Not Rocket Science:  Let's face it, there really isn't much new in professional selling.  This article explores "Dave's Top 10" characteristics of great sales professionals.

Improve Your Odds-To-Win Each Sales Opportunity:  Most sales people guess the probability of winning each deal, or worse say what their manager wants.  This article provides a fact based approach to determining the Odds-To-Win.

Time Management – Now More Than Ever:  Key to improving productivity and effectiveness is working smart.  How sales professionals spend their time can have dramatic impacts on sales results.

It's The Strategic Planning Season, Again:  Are you wasting time, resources and money with an ineffective strategic planning process?  This article highlights pitfalls in strategic planning and suggest remedies that improve the results.

Channel Design Starts With The Customer,  Creating High Performance Sales Channels.  This article focuses on designing your sales channels to reach your customers most effectively, maximizing the results produced by whatever sales and distribution channels you implement.

Stop Winging It To Reduce Your Sales Cycle By 50%,Guaranteed! This article provides the sales professional tools to dramatically reduce the number of calls to close.

How Do I Make My Quota, Territory Management Planner, Part 1.  This article provides the sales professional a simple tool to help assess their territory potential and better manage their time in achieving their quotas.

Creating Effective Strategic Partnerships.  This article addresses the critical success factors required in creating effective strategic partnerships.  It identifies five key areas for success:  shared resource, risk, reward, values and vision as critical to achieving the goals of the partnership.

Getting The Most From Your New Product Introductions.  Over 40% of new product introductions fail to achieve their objectives.  This article highlights critical success factors in maximizing the impact and potential success of your new products.  It focuses on the sales and marketing actions during the launch.

The Secrets Of Closing The Sale.  This is a copy of a presentation presented in October, 1998 to the MIT Enterprise Forum.  This presentation was to the CEO's and top management of a number of high technology start-up companies.  It addressed the importance of focusing on the customer needs and priorities in closing sales.  The message is useful to all.

Building Successful Channel Strategies.   This is a copy of the presentation given to over 100 CEO's of European High Technology companies at the European-American Venture Capital Conference '98 in San Francisco.  While focusing on their specific requirements, the message is useful to all sales executives.

Ready, Fire, Aim:  Who Cares About Having A Selling Process?  This article demonstrates the value of using the sales process to identify opportunities to rapidly grow the business.  It presents a simple technique for identifying and developing your own selling process. 

The Direct Route To Closing More Sales, Faster, Through Mapping The Customer Decision-Making Process: This article provides a tool that improves the ability of salespeople to identify their customer's decision-making process, accelerating the selling process. 

"Hello, You've Reached The Office Of..." This article provides tips and strategies for exploiting Voicemail as a powerful sales tool. Rather than yielding to the inevitable frustration we experience with Voicemail, leave your customer a powerful message. 

Focus On Your Customer's Need To Buy, Not Your Need To Sell: The challenge many sales professionals face is staying customer focused.  This article provides tools to help maintain a strong customer focus in all selling activities. 

Know Thy Customer To Grow Your Sales: This article by Dave Brock introduces Partners In EXCELLENCE proprietary Customer Knowledge Assessment™. Many organizations do not know who their customers are and why they buy. This article provides techniques enabling significant revenue growth by better understanding and servicing existing customers. 

Kodak Tries A New Focus This article highlights the challenges Kodak faced in the most massive product launch it has had in the past 30 years. It addresses the issues of developing a worldwide training strategy for its sales people and dealers. It highlights the role of Partners In EXCELLENCE in developing and implementing these programs for Kodak. The article originally appeared in the May 1996 issue of Training Magazine. It is presented with their permission. 

Kodak Focuses On Counter Personnel to Sell Advanced Photo System:  This article provides a review of the training programs developed by Partners In EXCELLENCE to develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully explain the value and benefits of the Advanced Photo System to consumers. It was written by Harvey Phillips of the Eastman Kodak Company and appeared in Photo Trade News in March 1996. It is presented here with their permission. 

TQ(S)M-Total Quality (Sales) Management - Squared This article provides experiences in implementing Total Quality Management programs in the selling organization and the impact these programs have in improving customer satisfaction, sales performance and sales results. It was written by Dave Brock and appeared in Sales and Marketing Executives Focus magazine in July 1995. It is presented with their permission.

TQ(S)M-Total Quality (Sales) Management This article provides perspectives on the importance of integrating quality management principal into sales. It was written by Paul Varga, President of Service Graphics in Cleveland. It appeared in Sales and Marketing Executives Focus magazine in May 1995. It is presented with their permission.

COE Ten Years After This article provides a humorous retrospective on the formation of the CATIA Operators Exchange. CATIA is a premier CAD/CAM/CAE design tool developed by Dassault Systemes in Paris, France. It was used extensively as the engineering design tool for the Boeing 777. The article was written by Dave Brock and appeared in the CATIA Users Update Summer/Fall 1995 edition. It is presented with the permission of COE.



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